About Us

A new kind of clothes store for babies and toddlers

We're devoted to stylish, stereotype-free and ready-to-play clothing for little explorers everywhere.

Inspired by bravery

Every child is an explorer in a brave new world, making new discoveries every day. All those ‘firsts’ – first grab, first roll, first commando crawl, first tentative step, first determined toddle across the room, first climb up (always before the first climb down!). They need freedom to grow and learn, and clothes should be a help not a hindrance. 

We want to bring you clothes that are perfect for your little one’s stage of development. Soft, cocooning cottons for newborns, stretchy rompers for those fast-growing first six months, ready-to-play outfits and separates that let older babies and toddlers roam free.

Clothes with personality

Bored of pink-or-blue and endless cars, princesses, hearts and dinosaurs? We seek out original and unisex designs, in all colours and many different styles. We work with young, innovative brands all over the UK, Europe and beyond, to find clothes with style, personality and free of tired old stereotypes. 

All our clothes are designed with high quality materials, and made to last.


We seek out original designs and styles, so your child's clothes can be as individual as they are. 


Forget same-old pink and blue, princesses and cars. You'll find a genuine variety of colours, prints and ideas here.

Ready to play

All our clothes are carefully chosen to suit your child's stage of development, from snuggly newborn to toddler explorer.

Let's support each other

We’re parents too (we’ve got three mini Shackletons of our own!). We’ve been there and we’ve got the bags under our eyes and unshakeable coffee habit to prove it.


So we want to share what we’ve learnt, celebrate the awesomeness and laugh about the madness that is guiding a totally self-absorbed, danger-allergic small human safely through their first years of life.


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Let Clothes Be Clothes Approved Retailer

We're super proud to be recognised by the Let Clothes Be Clothes campaign as a retailer who supports unisex clothing designed for all children, without gender stereotypes.

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